Always fresh. Always local. Always sustainable.


Daily Updates

Due to the Unpredictable nature of Fishing we may or may not have the selections you are looking for.  Make sure to check out our Website and Social Media accounts for the most up to date information on Current Inventory.   You can also join us at the Waimea Stables every Saturday Morning for the Farmers Market 7:30am-1pm, Mahalo!


Local & Sustainable Fishing

It is of the utmost importance to us at Kona Seafood Market to work with Local Fishermen and Businesses around the Hawaiian Islands to help our Local communities.  We aim to provide the type of experience that so many deserve when coming to the beautiful Islands of Hawaii. We always work with licensed fisherman and Fully Permitted Businesses to ensure that the seafood that we serve is of the highest quality, and is sustainably harvested!


Fresh Fish

Our aim is to provide a wide variety of locally sourced fresh seafood, caught and harvested by local fisherman and businesses


Our story is not much different than many others. A global pandemic sweeped across our nation and caused us all to have to change and be better for one another. Throughout our time in Hawaii, we have noticed that the local community did not have a consistent, honest and fair Seafood Marketplace to provide a variety of Fresh Seafood to the local community and travelers alike. We are humbled to have the opportunity to give back to our local community through a lot of hard work, and dedication. We aim to do exactly what our community deserves in providing local fresh seafood at a fair price, all while supporting our local sustainable fishing economy!

Our Menu Is Completely Based on Seasonal Catch